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I'm Ros, Coach, Marketing Strategist, and founder of Flat Out Social. I help our clients get crystal clear on which marketing strategies will work for them. We design and implement a pathway that is simple and effective and we ditch the confusion and indecision once and for all. For the past 10 years I've worked with authors, business owners, tech, beauty and publishing companies to help them design a marketing strategy that grows their business income. My zone of genius... I'm a simplifier and creator of easy pathways to reach my clients financial goals in 30 days. 



It was such an absolute pleasure working with Rosalie. She laid out a step by step plan to how I can advance my business and get more visibility. She really took her time to address my questions and concerns and by the end of my sessions I was clear on the next immediate steps I needed to take. What I also really appreciated was her challenging me to come out of my comfort zone with suggestions such as me doing a FB live in order to interact more with my audience. She also gave me tangible tools such as software/programs I can use to make my work much easier. I would recommend Rosalie as she has genuine passion and professionalism for what she does. Rosemary Umolu - House of Rosemary

Rosalie is a practical marketeer, that uses real-life case studies to demonstrate her marketing know-how. Rosalie is a professional at what she does, with the absolute objective of equipping her clients with proficient marketing tools that generates profitable results for their businesses. Rosalie comes highly recommended, a real pleasure to work with. Nadia Haynes - The Glass Hive

Rosalie and I having been working together for the last 6 months on my content and digital marketing strategies. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Rosalie, and she is highly knowledgeable and proficient in her profession. Rosalie is also honest, dependable and incredibly good at what she does. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Rosalie, as a dedicated and knowledgeable service provider and an all-around great person. Tiffany Charters - The Career Woman's Coach

I can’t recommend Rosalie’s expertise highly enough - she is a marketing Guru and an excellent coach! I felt she really grasped both my business and what I have to offer and moved me forward in a way I couldn’t have waded through on my own. After being coached by her I not only had a clear plan, broken down into simple, achievable steps, but I also felt more grounded and sure about my own abilities, my self-limiting beliefs and my unique offering. Rosalie asks the right questions that lead to clarity, building identity and focusing on strengths. She helped me to identify who my target client was and explore how best to communicate with them - without all of the jargon! As a result of being coached by Rosalie I know more about who I am , what I have to offer and who I want to work with - this makes communicating my passion to the  right clients effective and actually enjoyable! Nathalie Braithewaite - Health Balance

I have been working with Rosalie Audoin of Flat Out Social for almost a year, and her level of expertise and professional service is second to none. Rosalie worked closely with me for the launch of my signature challenge ‘Go Live in 5’ where she helped me map out an effective strategy for my campaign. This included building out my funnel and my complete email marketing sequences. This not only helped with optins but with conversions which have helped to maximise the sign-ups for the challenge and meet my targets, which have then lead to my offers and further conversions. Rosalie is professional, patient, kind and extremely giving within the realms of her professional capacity. She has a results driven approach which are clear and easy to understand, and her guidance always encourages action.  I have seen growth in my business as a result of working with Rosalie and I most certainly intend to continue working with her in the future. Janine Cummings - Boss It Live

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